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From the development of the "Big Mac" electronic exhibition, which three major application areas "wisdom" lead the new era?

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In the era when the Internet can no longer satisfy people's imagination of technology and the future, in the era when BAT, GOOGLE, and APPLE are actively deploying smart hardware and driverless cars, everyone realizes that it may be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, years... We can see that in the near future, almost every family will be surrounded by artificial intelligence products. The global Internet of Things will achieve a leap in quantity and quality, and the industry will show a rapid growth trend. Billions of connected devices are constantly emerging, interconnecting all devices, and IoT technology will reshape every aspect of our daily lives. Everything is connected, everything is perceived, and equipment will be as human-like as it is. The smart future is slowly coming.

Sixteen years of quality upgrade, Chinese "big Mac" electronic exhibition is developing a record

As the first-class display platform of the global electronics industry, in order to conform to the trend of the times and explore the road of intelligent future, Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will rely on its strong partners to integrate th exepertise of the exhibition and internet marketing relying on its strong partners and upgrade the quality. According to the organizer, it is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 67,000 square meters in 2017, an increase of 8% year-on-year. The number of on-site exhibitors will exceed 1,100, and the number of visitors will exceed 65,000 (an increase of 8%). This "big Mac" There is no one in the electronics exhibition in China.

Thomas Löffler, Deputy Managing Director of Munich Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said: "Electronica China has experienced 16 years of development. It is not only a platform for companies to display products, but also an industry feast for the entire electronics industry to exchange ideas and seek common development. It is also a benchmark for demonstrating the innovation of electronic technology. With the widespread popularity of technology in the future, the Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich has always led the electronics industry. The new exhibition will have more large coffee companies gathered to showcase the most cutting-edge technologies in the electronics field. The latest products and solutions from driverless to wearables and the Internet of Things are once again attracting attention across Asia!

Focus on three hot areas, e-stars lead the future world

The era is on the verge of breaking out, this time we are facing a smart future. Imagining that when you touch the wall lightly, you can turn on the music equipment in your home and automatically open the curtains through the sound waves of the music. Life, is it starting from the fingertips? Imagining is beautiful, while landing is not easy, all these beautiful things are inseparable from the foundation of electronic technology. The 2017 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich is based on the theme of “Intelligently Leading the Future World”, relying on the three main lines of Internet of Things, industrial and automotive applications, and presenting the cutting-edge technology for us in the sub-themes, in the international electronic semiconductor giant Bosch, STMicroelectronics and the help of leading manufacturers such as international distributor giant Arrow, will bring new splendor.



a. New surprises in the Internet of Things

Innumerable Gartner forecast reports show that the number of IoT devices used worldwide this year will reach 6.4 billion, an increase of 30% over last year. By 2020, the number of physical objects that will realize the Internet of Things will more than triple, reaching nearly 21 billion. In 2015, there were 80 M&A cases in the Internet of Things, setting a record. In 2016, this number will be refreshed, and more and more large companies are beginning to publicly announce that they will make acquisitions in the IoT space. The Internet of Things is like a huge sucker that incorporates the entire world and inhales more and more semiconductor manufacturers. When we are talking about the Internet of Things, in addition to using the eyes of the hunch to look at its bright future, we will also think about the development pain points of the Internet of Things. What are the immediate opportunities that need to be discovered?

Understanding the huge business opportunities behind the Internet of Things era,to help more developers and solution providers to quickly develop industry solutions, it has been confirmed that the world's largest MEMS sensor industry giant Bosch Semiconductor will be launched in early 2016. The IoT cross-domain sensor development kit XDK allows developers to develop their own IoT solutions very quickly and easily. At the same time, this kit integrates a variety of different sensors, Bluetooth and wi-fi functions, as well as a series of acceleration sensors, angular velocity sensors, magnetometers, as well as measuring air pressure, air temperature and humidity, noise levels and digital light sources. The sensor component inside helps developers quickly and easily bring their IoT design to life.


Smart Interconnected Sensing Equipment: The Cornerstone of the Internet of Things

Bosch IOT Cross-Sensor Development Kit XDK


The 2017 Shanghai Electronics Show Sensor and IoT Zone will showcase the latest achievements in the field of Internet of Things in a close-up and all-round way with the theme of “Intelligence, Internet of Everything”, and let you know about the new surprises brought by IoT technology solutions.

b. New blue ocean of automotive technology

With the advancement of automotive electronics technology, the car is a large IoT node, a car has more than 10 CPUs, high-end cars have tens of millions of lines to hundreds of millions of lines of software programs, there are 200 sensors, hundreds of electronic control units Automotive electronic systems have accounted for 30% to 60% of the cost of automobiles, and 80% of future automotive innovations will come from automotive electronic systems!

In the automotive chip industry, the MCU and SOC of the Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics, which has been confirmed to participate in the 2017 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, have been recognized by many automotive product suppliers and OEMs, and their R-Car series products are widely used in navigation multimedia. The infotainment system has accumulated nearly 200 million shipments and has developed applications for ADAS. Especially in terms of vision, R-Car products have high-performance image processor, built-in camera deformation correction IMR processor, and IMP processor dedicated to ADAS image recognition, which can support up to 8 video inputs and 3 video outputs. . The latest generation of R-Car series adopts 16nm process technology, which has the advantages of high performance and low power consumption. It can also meet the ASIL B requirements of functional safety ISO26262, which is very suitable for more and more complex automotive electronics needs.



Renesas Electronics' R-Car series


The coordinates are located in Shanghai, and the radiation is originally leading the Chinese automobile manufacturing and innovation in the Yangtze River Delta. The 2017 Shanghai Electronics Show will continue to focus on the automotive electronics field, with the theme of “Intelligent Drive, Driving to the Future”, specifically designed for automotive applications. "Automotive Technology Day", from ADAS, 3D virtual instrument technology, new energy vehicles to car networking, intelligent transportation... All kinds of advanced automotive electronics technologies are “assembled” here,professors and experts from major universities and enterprises will gather together to explore the blue ocean of the automotive electronics industry.

c. New points of industrial electronics

What is the hottest topic in the industry in China and in the world in 2016? There is no doubt that Industry 4.0, Industrial Robotics and Industrial IoT are the most frequently mentioned. Regarding the hot topic of Industry 4.0, people are more focused on cloud computing and industrial Internet of Things. Whether it is Industrial 4.0, industrial robots or industrial IoT, its core is intelligent manufacturing. The key to achieving intelligence will be the collection of massive information, which will undoubtedly bring huge business opportunities and challenges to sensor applications at the end of data collection. Intelligent manufacturing will bring a high degree of automation, and put forward higher requirements for the safety and reliability of the system. Even the passive components such as resistors and capacitors in industrial electronic equipment design will determine the stability and reliability of the system. .

Recently, Vishay Semiconductor's new series of thick film resistors-CDMV series can help the partial pressure design save valuable space, simplify production design and improve design flexibility in high-voltage industrial and new energy equipment applications. Vishay Techno CDMV series resistors are available in a variety of termination styles, materials and configurations. In a voltage divider application, such a device can replace several discrete resistors, which is useful in the industry 4.0 era that advocates integrated integrated design. The land of martial arts. At the same time, Vishay also introduced a new series of automotive grade radial aluminum capacitors 160 RLA. Capable of operating at +150°C, this series of capacitors lasts up to 2,000 hours at +150°C, providing high stability and reliability for automotive and industrial applications.



Vishay New CDMV Series Thick Film Chip Resistor Divider



Vishay's new radial aluminum capacitor 160 RLA for automotive and industrial applications


“Intelligent control, unlimited creativity”, 2017 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich continues to adhere to the fine style, which will take us to the “small and beautiful” style on the road to Industry 4.0.

Multi-theme exhibition area is colorful, and the whole industry chain is wonderfully connected.

In addition to the three key application areas, semiconductors, switches and connectors, power supplies and other themed exhibition areas are also bright, internationally renowned exhibitors get together, new manufacturers such as Ricoh Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Corso (Shanghai) Electronics Co., Ltd. The company, Nanjing Hanxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will exhibit conventional semiconductor devices, power semiconductor devices and modules, embedded systems, sensors, MEMS, relays, motors/drive components, cables, components and subsystems, microwave technology and Display technology and other component system applications, and the latest franchise participation of international distribution giant Arrow will also bring advanced distribution concepts and e-commerce models to explore, and together with the giants and new sharps, the new era of "distribution is king" It is worth looking forward to!

It can be seen that the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will fully display the most advanced products and technologies in the electronics field, build an excellent business interactive platform, absorb quality buyers and achieve business opportunities. Cover the entire industry chain of electronic information from components to systems, applications to services. In addition, the forward-looking concurrent activities focus on industry hotspots and grasp the new trends in the industry.

On March 14-16, 2017, Shanghai New International Expo Center, we will explore the e-plane together and see you!