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Power Supply design Engineer

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Position function: semiconductor technology


Job description:


The job description


1) technical work on application of IGBT devices and modules;


2) build application test platform and IGBT module application assessment


3) compiled and translated technical data such as data sheets of IGBT module products


4) assist in the research and development of IGBT devices and modules;


5) provide technical support to customers, analyze technical problems faced by customers and provide corresponding solutions.


6) monitor competitors' activities and analyze competitors' relevant products and information in the market.




1) bachelor degree or above in power electronics, electrical automation, microelectronics, electromechanical or related majors


2) familiar with the application of power semiconductor devices and engaged in the research and development of igbt-based converter devices; Familiar with power device application in power supply, welding machine, frequency converter, UPS, FACTS device, etc.


3) proficient in one or more of Protel, Pspice, Saber and Simplorer simulation software;


4) experience in using high-power IGBT module; Familiar with IGBT driver principle and application, such as motor drive etc


5) familiar with the application of high-power converter, such as frequency converter, ups, wind power converter and solar power converter


6) experience in power device application design and igbt-based device development is preferred.


7) proactive, have the courage to take responsibility, have a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration spirit

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