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Salary and welfare: double weekend paid annual leave holiday welfare professional training


FAE field application engineer


Job description:


Job description:


1. Responsible for the technical support of switching power supply, high-frequency inverter welding machine, UPS and frequency conversion control clients, and solve the technical problems encountered by clients in various stages of product development;


2. Follow up customer r&d projects from product r&d to production;


3. Assisted the Marketing Department in product promotion and customer training. Systematize technical data of the company, set up archives, and regularly conduct business training for sales staff.


4. Wrote product documents and data analysis reports.


Job requirements:


1. Major in electronic engineering, computer, automation and control, college degree or above;


2. At least 3 years relevant technical experience, familiar with IGBT and MOS products is preferred.


3. Use at least one PCB Layout software, such as Protell99 or PADS. Familiar with UPS under 20K, strong theoretical foundation of analog and digital electricity, good at circuit design and power failure analysis and treatment;


4. Good communication and teamwork skills; Have strong initiative;


5. Strong anti-pressure ability; Good professional ethics and loyalty;


6. Good health meets the requirements of the position, and can adapt to daily business trips.


Location: jiangning, nanjing (double holidays, lunch, social security, excellent salary)